Persist Google Chrome Console Logs

Recently I faced with a requirement to save/persist Chrome console logs in a file specifically when running automated tests. There are other ways as well to persist console logs than the one which I will explain in this article but this one is the simplest.

HTML5 Features You Must Use Today For Mobile

Whether you are developing for Firefox OS or PhoneGap or mobile web, you must take advantage of some HTML5 features that are well supported by modern browsers and can reduce the development time. Remember this article provide quick introduction to each of the feature along links to other quality posts for more details.

Firefox OS App From Scratch – Part 1

This is the first part out of two in a tutorial series where we will build a Todo app for Firefox OS from scratch. I assume you have some understanding of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery/Zepto, and Backbone.js. In this part we will handcraft a properly structured and semantic UI of a Todo app using best practices for designing UIs for mobile.

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Why I Love Firefox OS

I wrote a guest post for ProPakistani about Firefox OS explaining why I love it and advocate it? It explains first few flaws of Android and iOS. Then it introduces Firefox OS and explains how it solve Android/iOS problems. Then few lines about its availability and developer phones from Geeksphone (Keon and Peak). In the end, brief explanation of why I support Mozilla Foundation.

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Understanding this Keyword in JavaScript

this keyword is one of the most confusing in JavaScript. This article will help you understand the value of this keyword contains in different scenarios like in global space, global functions, object literal methods, inner functions, constructor functions, prototype methods, callback functions, controlling the value of this using apply, call, and bind methods. Finally this keyword in event handlers.

Goodies Box from DZone

Few months back I received an email from DZone saying that I was selected as top blogger of 2012 and they will soon gonna send a T-Shirt. Today (7th Feb, 2013) I received a goodies box containing not only t-shirt but other items as well which I want to share here :)

Functional Programming Using JavaScript

Programmers use different techniques to achieve abstraction and hide complexity e.g Object Oriented techniques does exactly that. They do so because programs grow at fast pace and they quickly become complex. Humans are intelligent but they can handle complexity to a particular level. So basically Functional programming is also used to hide complexity of programs using functions.

sBubble: jQuery/CSS3 Tooltip Plugin

sBubble is a jQuery tooltip plugin which is totally based on CSS3 for shapes and animations. Yes no images used and no jQuery code used for animation. Plus some color themes are also provided.