[Guest Post] Top JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile Apps

The mobile app industry is huge and seeing its possibilities, developers are in full swing to widen the scope of their expertise. They are ready to play around different tools, frameworks, and languages to expand their app’s user base. The use of web technologies has brought an interesting shift with the way webmasters are coming forward to create applications while unleashing their full potential. They are moving beyond the issues which restrict their capabilities of building a robust native mobile app.

Firefox OS Contact App Using Vanilla JavaScript

This tutorial is about creating Firefox OS contact viewer app in vanilla JavaScript (without using any library or framework). We will be creating app using some best JavaScript practices which could be applied to SPA (Single Page Application), and Phonegap apps as well. We will also make use of Web Components to develop a custom element which will help us in layout and its animations. You will find this tutorial useful if you write JavaScript. The only thing that’s specific to Firefox OS will be the use of Contact WebAPI.

Persist Google Chrome Console Logs

Recently I faced with a requirement to save/persist Chrome console logs in a file specifically when running automated tests. There are other ways as well to persist console logs than the one which I will explain in this article but this one is the simplest.

HTML5 Features You Must Use Today For Mobile

Whether you are developing for Firefox OS or PhoneGap or mobile web, you must take advantage of some HTML5 features that are well supported by modern browsers and can reduce the development time. Remember this article provide quick introduction to each of the feature along links to other quality posts for more details.

Firefox OS App From Scratch – Part 1

This is the first part out of two in a tutorial series where we will build a Todo app for Firefox OS from scratch. I assume you have some understanding of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery/Zepto, and Backbone.js. In this part we will handcraft a properly structured and semantic UI of a Todo app using best practices for designing UIs for mobile.

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Why I Love Firefox OS

I wrote a guest post for ProPakistani about Firefox OS explaining why I love it and advocate it? It explains first few flaws of Android and iOS. Then it introduces Firefox OS and explains how it solve Android/iOS problems. Then few lines about its availability and developer phones from Geeksphone (Keon and Peak). In the end, brief explanation of why I support Mozilla Foundation.

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