Interesting Stuff on the Web – 7

Release 7 of five chosen quality articles/tutorials/tools from different blogs.

If you want to add your article or know any informative article related to web development, send it to me from Contact page. Remember only original and quality articles will be added.

REST – Can You do More than Spell It?

Part 1 of REST series was added in Release 5. The author continued the REST articles explaining it in theory to practical PHP examples.

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Date Range Picker using jQuery UI 1.7 and jQuery UI CSS Framework

jQuery UI datepicker is modified by Filament Group into an interactive component for choosing date ranges.


Desktop Apps with HTML5

Develop HTML5 desktop applications using “Web Run-Time” or WebRT. The app Web runtime provides the API functions that enable apps to be installed, managed, and run. These are built into Firefox for Mac and Windows, starting with Firefox 13. For other browsers, the Web runtime functions are provided by a JavaScript library.


Simple JavaScript Notifications with toastr

toastr is a simple JavaScript toast notification library that is small, easy to use, responsive and extendable.


Knockout 2.1 New Features

Knockout.JS 2.1 is now available! This release focused mainly on performance improvements and bug fixes after the 2.0 release.


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