Interesting Stuff on the Web – 9

Release 9 of five chosen quality articles/tutorials/tools from different blogs.

Talks To Help You Become A Better Front-End Engineer In 2013

Many of us care deeply about developing our craft. But staying up to date can be a true challenge, because the quantity of fresh information we’re regularly exposed to can be a lot to take in. 2012 has been no exception, with a wealth of evolution and refinement going on in the front end.

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How to Install Personal Web Server

Paying someone to host your website can be tempting. There’s usually a point-and-click installation for any services you require, plus cheap monthly prices that include storage and maintenance, and there are often generous bandwidth allowances too.

It’s not much fun though, and if you want to add any advanced features – such as shell access to your server or a non-shared host – costs soon ramp up.

The solution to all of these problems is to run your own server, and it’s not as difficult or insecure as you might think.

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Writing a RESTful Web Service with Slim

In this article, I’d like to show you how to create a RESTful web service using Slim, a PHP micro-framework inspired by Sinatra, a Ruby framework. It’s well-suited for creating simple RESTful web services and comes with some minimal components like Router, Request, Response, and View. It’s very simple, and is easy to understand and use.

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HTML5 “download” Attibute

There are, however, smaller features in HTML5 that we can appreciate; one of those would be the new download attribute. The download attribute allows you to set a separate file download name than the actual link endpoint itself.

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10 Reasons Why Your Projects Should Use Dojo Toolkit

The most powerful and underutilized JavaScript utility is one and the same: the Dojo Toolkit. While nearly every JavaScript framework or toolkit promises to do everything you need, the Dojo Toolkit makes the most compelling case for that statement being true. This post will cover many of the most powerful features of the Dojo Toolkit, and in doing so will make the case for why you should use the Dojo Toolkit for your next project.

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