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Goodies Box from DZone

Few months back I received an email from DZone saying that I was selected as top blogger of 2012 and they will soon gonna send a T-Shirt. Today (7th Feb, 2013) I received a goodies box containing not only t-shirt but other items as well which I want to share here :)

Mistakes to Avoid as a Web Developer

For all web developers, it is extremely important to give the best service they possibly can in order to make sure things are done correctly. However, it sometimes becomes an often occurrence that developers will make the same mistakes and that could send the whole project off course and force you to take longer than needed. This off course means more money being spent and time being lost that could be used on other stages.

Linux Command Line – Part 2

In first part you learned about navigating file system using Bash shell and you also learned how to get help for a particular command. In this part you will learn:

  • Filesystem Hierarchy Standard.
  • Create, Copy, Move, and Delete files or directories.
  • Rename file or directories.

Linux Command Line – Part 1

As a web developer you are assigned a task to administer Linux based web server or your company says we don’t like Windows you must have to choose Mac or Linux based system. Things get worse when you are afraid of command line and hesitate to write commands yourself. This series of articles will help you jump start with command line quickly, easily, and after reading the whole series, you will not fear to run commands yourself.

Firefox OS (Boot to Gecko)

There has been lot of mobile wars going on in recent years. Today when we talk about Mobile OS, the top contenders that comes to mind are Android and iOS. Both are good operating systems and it’s matter of preference whose device you choose.

Favorite Open Source Softwares

Most of the Open Source softwares are much better than their proprietary alternatives. So I prefer to look for Open software before going for any proprietary one. Also if we use such softwares, it’s our responsibility to support and promote them. I want to share my personal favorite list of open source softwares. Please share in comments if you know any other open source software which is better than the one listed below.

Developing Multilingual Software Applications

“Your business applications cannot bring with it the habits and customs of your country without colliding with the habits and customs of your users in other countries.” ‐ (IBM Globalization – Guideline C – Respect for culture and conventions)

If you are a software developer and you aspire to any kind of growth in this fast-moving world, you will at some point consider making your applications multilingual. This is because the overseas market is an ideal (and sometimes inevitable) way for you to expand. Making your software applications multilingual is not necessarily difficult, but, like all aspects of expansion, it can be hard to successfully manage if you do not watch out for some pitfalls.

Interview Experience With Google

Recently I got a chance to give an interview to Google for Front-End Software Engineer. It was a nice experience and I learned a lot specially related to what they ask and what skills they seek in a person. This interview makes me realized the weaknesses in my problem solving abilities.

Maxthon 3 – The Browser

I became fan of Maxthon 3 when I used its alpha version. After that I decided to become beta tester and started reporting bugs on Maxthon forums. Maxthon 3 is getting stable and mature in features with each update. Currently it’s still evolving so don’t get disappointed if you don’t find a feature or face a stability problem.

It’s a lite and fast Webkit based browser (Trident is also supported for viewing old websites).

Recently I wrote an article reviewing Maxthon 3 in detail as a Guest Writer for ProPakistani. Each feature’s purpose and usage is explained in detail. Click here to read it.