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Load More – Node.js Messaging Server (Part 3)

Part 2 was introduction to Node.js and In this Part we will develop Twitter like functionality using Node.js and to load new messages without requesting or pooling the server. I have given enough introduction to what we are going to develop in this part. Those who want to review can read the third paragraph from Part 2.

Load More Using KnockoutJS, PHP/CodeIgniter (Part 1)

Everyone has used social networking sites and almost all of them implement Load More functionality to load additional posts/messages. Load More is actually alternate way of pagination.

There are two kinds of Load More functionality. First is to load additional content when the user hits the scrollbar at the bottom of the page. Another kind is to load new content only when user clicks on “Load More” button. Personally I prefer the second one because it reduces the load on server and load content only when user wants it and in this article we will take a look at implementing this second kind.

WordPress Theme Using jQuery Mobile

Learning Objectives

  1. Introduction to jQuery Mobile.
  2. How to use jQuery Mobile Components.
  3. Basics of WordPress theme development.
  4. How to create WordPress theme for mobile using jQuery Mobile.

CRUD using jQuery and Codeigniter – VI

Learning Objectives

In this part you will learn how to perform clientside search, table sorting, limit records display at a time, and clientside pagination using jQuery.

CRUD using jQuery and Codeigniter – III

Learning Objectives

In Part 3 you will learn:

  1. How to filter form values to prevent XSS attack.
  2. What jQuery serialize method do and how to use it.
  3. How to send Ajax call to perform UPDATE operation using POST method.
  4. How to use jQuery advance selectors to update table rows.

CRUD using jQuery and Codeigniter – II

Learning Objectives

In Part 2, you will learn:

  1. Displaying Ajax loader animation when an Ajax call is made.
  2. How to inject Update/Delete link in each record using jQuery.
  3. How to use jQueryUI dialog widget.
  4. How to send Ajax request to perform DELETE operation.
  5. How and when to use jQuery’s delegate method to bind events.

CRUD using jQuery and Codeigniter – I

Learning Objectives

In this tutorial you will learn:

  1. How to use jQuery with Codeigniter.
  2. How to send Ajax request to perform READ operation.
  3. How to use jQuery UI tabs widget.
  4. How to use Microsoft’s jQuery templating plugin.

Get Flickr Images Using SimpleXML

What is it about?

In this article you will learn two main things:

  1. How to parse XML using SimpleXML?
  2. How to get Flickr images from RSS feed and display them on your web page?