Read More Link for WordPress Page

What is it about?

To generate a Read More… link in WordPress post, you have to write <!–more–> (in HTML view of WordPress wysiwyg text editor) in place where you want to display the link as shown below:

How to add read more link in wordpress post

Now I want to point out that this technique will not work in wordpress pages. For example, you create a CMS website in WordPress and you created a custom home page.
Now suppose that you fetched the latest post from News category on the home page. The latest post’s Read More… link will not appear on the home page and it will display the complete post.

In this post you will learn how to make Read More… link to work in WordPress pages.

Creating PDF Using PHP

What is it About?

In this article you will learn how to create PDF documents using PHP on the fly.


Today I am announcing version 3.1 of my website. It’s not a major update. You will find few design changes and addition of blog.

I am starting a web development blog and this is my first blog post. I shall mostly write on topics PHP, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Html, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and MySql.

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iFadey Wallpaper

I am very excited on the release of version 3 of my website. So I decided to design a wallpaper for it.

iFadey Website Version 3 Wallpaper

Click the image for large size.